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Local School Improvement Program

GFV is committed to creating and providing a holistic educational foundation that empowers the children’s self-esteem, critical thinking, and works on the issue of educational equity as an avenue towards social inclusion and integration into society. Education (Formal / Non Formal) is the most important component of the GFV program in unifying, equalizing and integrating the community. By learning together the diverse groups slowly gain self-esteem, tolerance, understanding and respect, and the barriers built of ignorance and out-dated beliefs begin to crumble.

GFV believes that all children should have equal access to quality education from early childhood onwards, in their community. Following the successful implementation of the Early Childhood and Family Program GFV will assist the local schools to improve the quality of teaching and learning with Class 1-6 teacher training and materials development for meaningful learning experience. Workshops and training always starts at the lower grades but involves the whole school (student representatives, principal and school committee) and community-at-large with significant commitment and participation at all levels.