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Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Early Childhood Development / Nutrition and Parent Training

Holistic Early Childhood Development is the foundation of a good education, and healthy social development. A strong ECD program is the cornerstone of Global Family Village’s family and education programs. The early years of a child’s life are spent in the creation of a child's first "sense of self" or the building of a first identity. This is a crucial part of children's makeup—how they first see themselves, how they think they should function, how they expect others to function in relation to them.

"A vast body of research has demonstrated that Early Child Development (ECD) programs benefit children, families, and communities. The reduced dropout and repetition rates, improved school achievements, greater adult productivity, and higher levels of social and emotional functioning encouraged by ECD programs make them a highly cost-effective means of strengthening society as a whole by ensuring that its individual members live up to their full potentials." [2]

Preschool – Nursery/ KG (3 1/2 - 6) develops the rudimentary (large motor, reasoning and logic) skills that build a basis for creative thinking and subject matter comprehension and retention.

The ECD program will serve young children from the House along side children with children of the community. Mothers and young children from the "orphanage" and from the community – working, playing and learning together!

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