What We Do

  1. GFV engages government agencies responsible for child welfare and orphan care. Memos of Understanding are signed and support is gained for the implementation of the GFV community based orphan care model. Government agencies are encouraged to remain involved with the development of family-houses and are expected to facilitate orphanage participation.
  2. GFV identifies potential orphanages or communities that are commited to improving the care of orphaned and abandoned children. Specific minimum requirements include running water, toilets, electricity hook up, telephone, living space adequate for at least 2 families (approximately 20 people), space for training, child care, outdoor play area close by, and access to public transportation within a community with a public school.
  3. GFV partners with existing orphanages and ensures their support and commitment to the model. GFV assists in the formation of family Each “family” lives together in their own space.
  4. Orphanages continue to be legally responsible for the children in the family-homes.
  5. GFV partners with community to understand their needs and develop strategies that are mutually beneficial. Investment in community school made to ensure children from GFV home could be accommodated.
  6. GFV Caregivers’ Training Program guides caregivers to see themselves as “mothers” by educating and empowering them in the latest methods of child development and care for traumatized children. The “mothers” are women who have been widowed or marginalized, and need a family and a home.  The elders (grand parents) from the community are also chosen because of their need for a family.
  7. Every GFV-assisted Home to the extent feasible offers childcare, preprimary education, Caregiver training, nutrition classes, and local school improvement.
  8. Children attend the local school and play with their neighbors, and therefore belong to the community and are included in its social life. This community becomes their home community for the rest of their life.
  9. Each GFV-assisted Home has a supervisor and is assisted by GFV Inc in developing opportunities for income-generating activities to ensure long-term sustainability.