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Freema Davis

Freema Davis

Freema Davis, Executive Director, founded Global Family Village, Inc. in March 2007. She has been working on behalf of Nepal’s disenfranchised women and children since 1994. Freema started working in Nepal with Educate the Children (ETC) to help improve the teaching/learning situation in the government schools at the preprimary and primary level. While with ETC she wrote three children’s books, developed a ‘Teaching English’ program for primary level non-English teachers to teach teachers who don’t speak English and helped to create a kindergarten curriculum that is still used today. While working through ICRI, Freema helped found the Network for Children of Prisoners and their Dependants (NCPD), an umbrella organization that assists NGOs that are helping to improve conditions for the children and families of prisoners. Freema founded Global Family Village after having seen a wonderful model in Romania of abandoned children living together as a family within a community, in response to cries of outrage against the abysmal condition of the children living in institutions. It is her goal to help the organization grow to independence and continue to assist institutions that house children to become community-integrated “homes” with well-adjusted families that support and care for one another.

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