Our Partners

Global Family Village-Nepal

GFV–NEPAL , Nepal Office

GFV's primary partner is Global Family Village-Nepal (GFV-N), which was established in July 2008 to implement GFV's program. The GFV-Nepal's Board is comprised of leading experts in Nepal in areas of child development and protection, including early childhood development, nutrition education, research on effects of trauma on young children, child's rights, family orphanage care and community development.

GFV–NEPAL, Nepal Office

Prabha Joshi, Office /Finance Manager and Project Coordinator

Prabha has worked as a District Project Assistant with the FAO Agent of UN. She was responsible for the overall day to day administration, management , financial and operation activities of the program. She has also I worked as an educational consultant and counselor with Family Health International and CARE Nepal.


Each Board member brings relevant expertise and a unique perspective to the project. They are all volunteer and extremely active, donating their time and expertise for the creation and implementation of the model.

Mahen Shrestha, Founding Board Member,  Chairman of the Board

Mahen Shrestha graduated from Tribhvan University in 1983 with a degree in Humanities and Social Science. Today he is well known for his volunteerism and social work in Nepal. He has encouraged and mentored young people to be active and responsible community members. He has single-handedly raised funds for many sustainable community improvement projects. Every project he has worked on has community participation for labor and funding. He has followed through on implementation, and continues to oversee every single project. He is still a friend to many of the orphaned or abandoned children that he has helped through the years.

Anjana Sakya, Founding Board Member, Vice-chair

Anjana is Fullbright scholar who spent many years abroad studying, with a focus in International Relations, Women’s Studies and Conflict Transformation. She returned to Nepal and founded Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HimRights): an independent public interest civil society human rights advocacy platform operating across South Asia. Anjana's skills are multi-faceted–conceptualization of ideas and activities, proposal writing, fund-raising, research, development, implementation, and coordination of programs both at regional and national policy-making levels. She is actively addressing violence as one of the root causes of the ongoing armed conflict and other development and peace issues.

Shekhar Silwal, Founding Board Member & Immediate Past Chairman

Shekhar is a businessman with a degree in Commerce. For 24 years, he has been working at Godawari Marble Ind. as their sales manager. Shekhar is also a tireless social worker. He was a co-founder of Aama Ghar Orphanage in Nepal, a very successful and well-respected orphanage near Kathmandu. He is still a very active and is currently serving as their Board Treasurer. He is also the chairman of Kitini High School, a Government school near Godawari. Now, as Chairman of the Board at Global Family Village Shekhar is a great asset as he is able to guide GFV-N based of so many years of relevant experience.

Krishna Sundhari, Founding Board Member

Krishna Sundhari is an ECD Expert, Kindergarten program developer and a teacher. She is a board member at CCWB (Central Child Welfare Board) and  of the Human Resource Group (BPEP), Ministry of Education. She is also a Resource Person on early childhood training program on the CERID Board, a member of ICRI (International Child Resource Institute), and Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN). Krishna studied preprimary education, and community development in Israel, the Philippines and Nepal. She worked in SOS Children’s Village for 36 years. Recently she has been working on ECD Curriculum Development at the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Bijaya Mali, Founding Board Member

Bijaya is the president of the Chhatrapati Free Clinic Organization. He is the creative force behind the transformation of the clinic from a humble first aid centre to a 3-time nationally recognized community-run, non-profit charitable day hospital for the under-privileged and for the needy. To raise community awareness about earthquake related disasters, he and some of his friends founded Ward 17DMC (Ward 17 Disaster Management Centre). s. Bijaya is the former member of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Council. He has been a political activist for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Nepal since 1975.

Mohan Pokharel, Founding Board Member, Secretary

Mohan graduated university with a Bachelor in law, Masters in Sociology and Anthropology and Masters in Political Science. He is an Asate Lawyer in the Supreme Court of Nepal. He has extensive working experience in various NGOs & INGOs in Nepal. He is a freelance consultant for the Social Welfare Council (SWC), Past GFV-Nepal board Treasurer and now member of GFV-Nepal board. He was significantly involved in the establishment of GFV-Nepal, and in the constitution making process. He continues to advise GFV–N in all legal matters.

Kishor Shrestha, PhD, Founding Board Member
Kishor is a researcher specializing in matters concerning early childhood for the Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Development (CERID) of Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kishor is a noted speaker and author. He was a major participant in the international conference “Building Bridges: Healing Communities through Early Childhood Education” held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was the coordinator of the team of researchers and officials of the Formative Research Project (FRP). He is currently heading the Education for All (EFA) project.


Narendra K. Basnyat For over 30 years, Narendra has been active in many businesses and governmental and professional organizations. He is the chairman of Himalayan Distilleries, Ltd. and founder/chairman of the executive committee, Nepal-USA Chamber of Commerce & Industry; vice-president, Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI); member of the executive committee, Nepal Economic Association; former alternate director, South Asia Regional Energy Coalition; member board of directors, United Insurance Co. Ltd.; and vice-president, Economic Forum, Nepal (EFON). His vast experience and knowledge have been of great assistance to Global Family Village.

Rita Thapa has been a feminist activist for over 25 years. She is recognized for her groundbreaking work in founding Tewa, the Nepal Women’s Fund. and Nagarik Aawaz, peace-building work, founded in 2001. She helps strengthening women’s networks for peace; and plays a catalytic role in citizen’s initiatives for a new Nepal. Rita served on the board of the Global Fund for Women/USA for six years. She is a board member of the Urgent Action Fund/USA and serves on the South Asia Center for Policy Studies (SACEPS). Rita was the Dame Nita Barrow Distinguished Visitor 2002 at the University of Toronto and is an Ashoka Fellow.
Anil Chitrakar is a noted architectural heritage expert, social entrepreneur, and cultural historian¬. Anil was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship in 1989. For 25 years, Anil has worked to improve the fabric of Nepalese society. He strongly believes that social projects should be designed for economic, social, and environmental sustainability. He also believes that systemic change happens only if local communities embrace and drive it themselves. He has used this philosophy to successfully mobilize Nepalese communities over and over again to act on initiatives ranging from preserving Nepalese history and culture to re-engineering energy and water supplies to reversing deforestation.

Khagendra Nepal, Former Board Member has long been associated with Global Family Village. He was instrumental in the creation of the GFV concept and the formation of the NGO. Khagendra is the Director of SOS Sano Thimi where he is highly regarded and loved as a “father” to all the “families” living in the village. His expertise in organizational development, education and community development are a great asset to GFV.

Shanti Basnyat was GFV’s Country Director, in 2007 until 2008 during which time she helped GFV get established and registered in Nepal. Shanti has served for over 30 years in different government offices of Nepal– the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare, Ministry of Local Development, She has expertise in areas such as women’s development and empowerment, early childhood development (ECD), nutrition, gender-related issues, population education, reproductive health, designing training programs (especially for women), and research and impact studies of women’s development projects.