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There are approximately one million orphaned, abandoned and displaced children in Nepal; many of who suffer daily due to armed conflict, displacement, poverty, natural disasters, and illness. Children left without the care and protection of parents, too often begin a downward spiral of suffering that could end in addiction, violence, sexual exploitation or death. Global Family Village (GFV) exists to help disenfranchised children reach their full potential through family-centered, community based homes; to thrive and become productive members of their society.


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Vision, Mission, Goals, Core Values


Sustaining Change for Orphaned Children and Society

Global Family Village (GFV) envisions a permanent systemic change within the child welfare system; allowing all disenfranchised children in Nepal the opportunity to grow up in a home with a stable family unit including siblings, surrogate parent caregivers and strong community ties.


Global Family Village (GFV's) mission is to help disenfranchised children reach their full potential through family-centered, community based homes; to thrive and become productive members of their society. 


  • Facilitate change from institutional orphan care to family-centered, community-based homes through limited-time partnerships with existing orphanages and local community stakeholders. 
  • Support holistic development of orphan children in an enabling environment.
  • Ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency through principles of environmental protection and respect.
  • Provide sufficient training and financial support for families to ensure long-term success of the children.
  • Develop strong and lasting relationships with donors, partners and government agencies.
  • Alleviate suffering of children.
  • Raise sufficient funds through donations to Global Family Village Inc. in order to actualize the organizational Mission and Goals.
  • Create a scalable, repeatable model that could be transferred to other Nepal communities and countries where there is a need and desire to implement.


  • Identify suitable children's homes in supportive communities. Help to transform these homes as required to adequately meet the needs of the GFV family model.
  • Provide training and support to “mothers”’ and “grandparents” of the GFV family.
  • Provide support for education in the local schools that serve children of the family and the community-at-large .
  • Provide early childhood program, including education and nutrition training for community families.
  • Implement environmentally sustainable initiatives for food production and processing and waste disposal.


Values That Drive Global Family Village Programs

In meeting our goals and objectives, and creating a replicable model for serving children in need, our programs shall be driven by the following values:

  1. GFV is committed to honesty and integrity and therefore operates with 100 percent accountability and transparency for the benefit of its donors, partners, staff and supporters.
  2. GFV commits that to the best of its ability all decisions that the organization makes ultimately contribute to the mental, physical and spiritual health and well being of disenfranchised children.
  3. GFV seeks out and fosters partnerships with Nepali and other organizations understanding that such partnerships with contribute to achieving the VISION and MISSION of the organization.
  4. GFV is committed to staying current on and implementing best practices related to childcare and helping children of trauma.
  5. GFV supports environmental sustainability and where ever possible will seek out solutions that reduce or minimize environmental impact.



Global Family Village, a community-based orphanage model, was conceived after the founder, Freema Davis visited a Romanian orphanage that had adopted abandoned HIV/AIDS-affected children and grouped them into family units with "mothers". The sight of the once-hapless children now living together as a family and experiencing so much love and comfort from each other inspired her to start a similar family centered model for orphan children. However, this model would be different as it is supported by the local community and will eventually be self-sustaining.

In 2004, Freema began the initiative to transform institutional orphanages. Initially, the Healthy Infant & Baby Development Program at Bal Mandir Orphanage in Kathmandu was started as an urgent intervention for the safety and health of the newborns and toddlers awaiting adoption. The intervention, under the auspices of the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI), was broad based and addressed numerous deficiencies including: furnishing the rooms, new paint and curtains, general building repairs, creation of a play area, repair or replacement of outdated electrical equipment and fixtures, new cribs and mattresses, new clothes and toys. Donations were received to cover all the costs. The living environment of the children was vastly improved.

Simulaneously, GFV was conducted research on orphan care in Nepal and successful world-wide programs. The groundwork was laid for the design of the innovative model, based on best practices.


Global Family Village (GFV) is a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization, working in the field of child welfare. GFV was established by Freema Davis in the U.S. as an international nongovernmental organization (INGO) in March 2007 as a vehicle to raise funds for programs that help disenfranchised children and to support the creation and implementation of family-centered community-based care for orphaned and abandoned children in Nepal.

GFV is headed by an Executive Director, who currently divides her time between Nepal and the U.S and governed by an international volunteer Board of Directors.

In 2008 Global Family Village-Nepal (GFV-N) was founded as a local non-government organization (NGO) to implement the program.


Under Nepali law, an INGO like GFV must sign a Project Agreement for all programs and activities and must implement these programs through approved non-government organizations (NGOs). GFV has an agreement to partner with Global Family Village-Nepal (GFV-N) and other NGOs, all chosen for their expertise and excellence in program implementation (see Our Partners). GFV provides overall coordination, oversight of all activities, and; final reporting to governmental agencies and donors. GFV-N’s office in Nepal is run by Nepali staff who are in constant communication with the GFV Executive Director. There is a dedicated Nepali Board of Directors and Advisors that meets regularly and generously volunteer their time and expertise.




Freema Davis, Founder / Executive Director

Freema Davis founded Global Family Village, Inc. in March 2007. She has been working on behalf of Nepal’s disenfranchised women and children since 1994. (Read more…)



Board of Directors

Bernard “Bud” Davis

Bud is an independent business consultant, currently living in Miami, Florida. He generously offers financial and organizational development expertise and counsel to Global Family Village. (Read more…)


Lin Hightower, Ed.D., MFA, Professor

Dr. Lin A. Hightower, is currently a professor with Kennesaw State University in Atlanta. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Textiles and an Art Education Doctorate. (read more...)



Amy Gedal Douglass, MPH

Amy has worked in the area of maternal and child health in the US and Asia for over eight years. Currently, as a Senior Consultant at The Lewin Group she develops monitoring tools and evaluation methodologies for the Office of Head Start.  (read more…)


Anna King

Anna is a project management and community development professional. Her communications expertise is complemented by experience in stakeholder engagement, project management, fundraising, campaign management and advocacy in international development and the public sector. (read more…)



Melisandra Leonardos

Melisandra Leonardos has worked as a policy analyst and program manager in the field of K-12 and higher education for over 12 years. She has a Masters in Organizational Devleopment from Cal State East Bay and a Certificate in Community Mediation from UC Berkeley. She is currently working as a Special Project Analyst at the Student Affairs Division of  the University of California Office of the President.  

Melisandra is a creative problem-solver experienced with complex administrative and educational policy issues. Her specific organizational expertise has been a great advantage to Global Family Village as we continue to develop our model and begin replication.

Past Board Chairs

Anda Bruinsma

Anda Bruinsma is the president of People Matter Consulting, an organization that helps businesses and individuals increase their capacity and effectiveness. (Read more…)



Barbara Cook

Barbara Cook, recently deceased, had worked as a tireless and most generous volunteer in Nepal for almost 20 years, working on behalf of disenfranchised women and children. (Read more…)



Advisory Board

Joy Amulya, PhD, Former Board Member
Joy Amulya, PhD, works domestically and internationally to promote research and practice in the implementation, support, and evaluation of community and development initiatives. (Read more…)

Nancy Compton, PhD, Former Board Member
Nancy Compton, PhD, is an associate clinical professor at the University of California Child Trauma Research Project. (Read more…)

Aaron Lones, MPH, Former Board Member and Fund Developer, is a development manager at a community health center in Alameda County, California.(Read more…)

Michael Sautman Chairman of the Board
Michael Sautman specializes in Nonprofit Organizational Development. (Read more…)

Shanti Basnyat, Nepal, started her association with GFV as an advisor on June 1, 2007, and took over as Country Director, GFV Nepal office on December 1, 2007. (Read more…)

Narendra K. Basnyat is the chairman of Himalayan Distilleries, Ltd. He is also founder/chairman and member of the executive committee (Read more…)

Anil Chitrakar is a noted architectural heritage expert, social entrepreneur, and cultural historian. (Read more…)

Govind Shahi is the owner of Himalayan Travels, a Bay Area travel agency. (Read more…)

Rita Thapa A feminist activist for the past 25 years, Rita is recognized for her groundbreaking work in founding Tewa, the Nepal Women’s Fund. (Read more…)

Andrea Scott is currently a mental health clinician who specializes in treating infants and toddlers in foster care.

GFV Friends


Sunil Sakya is a past president of the Nepal-USA Chamber of Commerce & Industry and founder of two Rotary Clubs in Kathmandu. (Read more…)

Helen Walka, PhD, former Board member is a developmental psychologist with 30 years experience working with infants, young children, and families in research, clinical and applied settings. (Read more…)

Kim Webb, principal, Webb Design, San Francisco, Kim Webb is the founder of Webb Design, a graphics firm specializing in corporate print and web design. (Read more…)






Contact Us

Global Family Village (GFV) US Office:

22 San Carlos Avenue, El Cerrito, CA, USA
Telephone: 510-525-3535

Global Family Village-Nepal (GFV-N)

Bungamati-4, Lalitpur,
Telephone 977-.01-5592329
9841763681 (Pratiksha Shrestha)